Installations / Upgrades

Bestboy Audio can supply you with a complete brand new Sound system and or Video system. From microphones, speakers,  amplifiers, projectors, electric screens.etc. Everything you need to meet all your requirements. However, there are many other situations where you may only need to upgrade your existing system. We will be happy to come out and find out which key components you need to give you the system you want and need! Call us or request a quote and we will be happy to pay you a free visit.

Sales / Rentals

We at Bestboy Audio also have a full line of Audio and Video products for sale.  We also rent Sound systems for parties or conferences. Wireless and Wired Microphones, Speaker Systems all the components necessary. We can also rent projectors and projector screens to meet your conferencing needs. We can also set up and operate the event for you. Just let us know when and where.

Product / Service #3

We at Bestboy Audio have an Induction Loop Division. We are the leading installer of the induction loop system. This is a remarkable state of the art system to help the hearing impaired. It is an electro magnetic wire that surrounds your listening are, such as conference room, church sanctuary, class room, etc. This wire is then connected to a specail loop amplifier that is then connected to your sound system which then allows anyone with a hearing aid , cochlear implant or supplied headset to hear a everything going through your sound system! It's truly remarkable!  I have had people in tears after we have installed a loop system in their church or home because now they can finally hear. I get more pleasure from installing the loop system then any other iv'e done

download loop picture


The Induction Loop System will finaly afford your people who have difficulty hearing the ability to hear everything just like everyone else!

Call or email for a free estimate.


We not only install your system, we also train your staff on the proper use and upkeep of your new system. Nothings more frustrating then purchasing a new system and finding out that you can't make adjustments or corrections to your system. We give you free extensive training on the use of your system and how to tweek and adjust it. We also give you a free visit afrer 6 months to see if everything is still working as it should! Bestboy stands by our work!